David Bellamy in the news in Majorca

ICARUS Online is making waves in Majorca with one of our co-founders David Bellamy in the news in Majorca and working in a clinic there.

We are spreading far and wide and making a difference and this is down to a lot of hard work behind the scenes and from a huge amount of support from a growing support base of people all around this amazing, spinning lump of rock we all live on.

It’s an exciting time at the moment for us as we continue to grow rapidly not just with our clients, but also with a growiing team of therapists, coaches and volunteers who all agree that there is much to be done.

We are also delighted to say a huge thank you to everyone that has kindly donated already, it is making a difference by enabling us to provide our immediate treatment service to those that really need it.

ICARUS Online in the Majorca Daily Bulletin

Have a great week and keep your eyes peeled for our next update.


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