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At Icarus we work with a variety of specialist organisations and individuals in order to provide the best level of care necessary for each veteran who comes to us for help.

We are currently working with a British Army Veteran who sustained a traumatic brain injury and while we are treating him, there is specific treatment that one of our specialist partners, Dr Monica Berntsen, provides that will help to repair some of the damage to his brain. This will significantly improve his memory, symptoms of post traumatic stress such as anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks and erratic mood states.

We are working with the 1968 Foundation in Telford who are housing him at their premises and looking after him as he lives normally in Europe and has left his family behind to get help. This is obviously adding to his anxiety etc. We have a plan to send him for specialist treatment in Leatherhead and our partner is kindly offering a discount but as we do not have thousands in the bank we need your help to get this veteran back on his feet properly and start living his life rather than being in fear of it.

The plan requires him to stay in Leatherhead in an AirBnB for 14 days with someone else to keep an eye on him and be company for him as he does not do well on his own at the moment. They will need food for two weeks and travel costs.

All in all we need around £4,000 to make this happen and if we had the money we wouldn’t be asking for your help, we are still small and underfunded compared to the big military charities.

We would be extremely grateful for whatever you can do to help us get this veteran the specialist treatment he needs and bring his family back together to a happy environment.

We have spoken with our partners Veterans United Against Suicide and they are going to share this for us and help in any way they can to raise the funds needed.

Donations can be made through our website on the donations page

Please share this so we can reach as many people as possible and succeed in our mission.

Thanks in advance.

The Icarus Team

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