Icarus is here for the NHS in their hour of need

These challenging times are proving that as a nation we pull together to support each other and it’s wonderful to see this happening every day all round the UK.

We wanted top remind our amazing NHS staff that we are here for you in your hour of need. You are on the frontline of this battle against COVID-19, and just as our military troops and police etc face threats everyday, you are now putting your loives at risk each and every day to try to protect and save lives. For this we can never thank you enough and we know how hard it is to be in that position, to wake up every morning and feel that tingle of fear as you get dressed and brace yourself for another days battle.

So for you, whenever you need to unburden yourself, to ditch the stress and negativity of your day, please call us and we will help you in any way we can for as long as you need.

Thank you again and be safe and well.

Much love from all of us at Icarus xx

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