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Our ethos has from the very outset has been about collaboration and teamwork, and this has led us into some very interesting conversations and extremely worthwhile partnerships and collaborations over the last year.

We have recently been in conversation with:

Dr Jonathan Leach

NHS England Medical Director for Armed Forces and Veterans Health

Joint Honorary Secretary Royal College of General Practitioners

General Practitioner Davenal House Surgery Bromsgrove

These conversations have shed light on NHS initiatives and options available to veterans that have not been widely publicised. It has been extremely heartening to have these conversations and to discover that there are these initiatives and options in place, and in the spirit of our ethos we are sharing that information here for you to share with your own networks and make use of as you need.

What is most important is that this information is shared far and wide so that all veterans are aware of it and can make much more informed decisions with regards to their physical and mental health.

587_NHS England Military veteran aware accreditation A5 GP top tips LEAFLET S8

587_NHS England Military veteran aware accreditation A5 Top tips leaflet for the veteran S7

veterans faq final december 2018


We would really appreciate your feedback on these initiatives so that we can pass this back to the NHS should there be anything you feel is missing still, or that requires adjustment in order for it to accurately meet veterans needs.

The takeaway from this is that a great deal of work is being done behind the scenes, which is great, however clear and effective broadcast of these is required now to address the high level of confusion and current, slightly misplaced disappointment, which we hope this information goes some way to reduce.

We will continue to develop our working relationship with the NHS in order to maintain progress for all veterans and advance the availability of other treatent effective options for mental health and we are extremely grateful to Dr Jonathan Leach for his openness and willingness to discuss ways forwards.


The Icarus Team

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