Icarus Nominated for Heropreneurs Award 2019

We are absolutely delighted to say that we have been nominated for a Heropreneurs Award 2019 in the Veterans Foundation Category.

The category criteria is as follows:

Some veterans find leaving the armed forces and returning to civilian life, a huge struggle, sometimes resulting in homelessness, mental health issues, physical problems and family breakdown. The Veterans’ Foundation is a charity that was created to raise funds for military-related charities that do excellent and effective work to help these veterans and it favours those smaller charities that tend to struggle to raise funds.

This award seeks to recognise an organisation or individual that has given outstanding help to veterans in need and shown entrepreneurial qualities in doing so.

The winner of this category will receive a grant of £20,000 awarded to the charity of their choice, subject to the approval of the Board of the Veterans’ Foundation. 

Qualifying criteria

Nominees (individuals / businesses) must be able to show:

  • Energy, passion and dedication
  • Innovation
  • Growth, sufficient to meet their objects (NB not all charities need to grow to achieve their objects)
  • Success (numbers, helping those with complex needs etc)
  • A nominated organisation must be under 10 years old
  • A nominated organisation must have reserves of under £1million
  • Individuals within a larger organisation may be nominated.

This is fantastic news for us to have the work we have done and continue to do being recognised in this way. We wouldn’t have been able to do what we do without the continued support and extremely generous donations from you lovely people that have done that for us, so thank you.

The awards are held in early November and we will keep you posted as to how we progress through the process.

Exciting times ahead.

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