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So much is happening at the moment in so many positive ways that quite honestly leave us overwhelmed at the support we are receiving.

So to get you up to speed, I had a conversation with a friend from school that I have not seen in years, he has been very successful in his business career after leaving the Army and is selling the business he founded. His name is Mark Coulter and he has very kindly offered to mentor us and help raise funds for the first two years to get us going in the right direction. So grateful for his generosity and support.

Also, I recently met a former Royal Marine at a veterans breakfast near Banff up in the North east of Scotland where I live. He was in the Fire Service and is now in the retained and after meeting him he has decided he wants to train as a therapist and join the team, which in itself is awesome and we will train him up over the coming months. He also had a meeting with the Chief Fire Officer for Scotland yesterday, and because we cover the emergency services, he has offered us free access to all fire stations in Scotland, which is amazing. My jaw just about hit the floor when I read the message because this means we can fulfill our ethos and promise of being property free and not have to waste valuable funds on rent etc.

Other people that are helping to support and promote us in Aberdeenshire are Jill Sowden at Aberdeenshire Salutes, a veteran support program in Aberdeenshire and Andy Riach at the Defence Medical Welfare Service, so thank you both for your support, it is appreciated.

This has been an incredible start to the week after a weekend of helping veterans in need and gaining new clients and interest from our brothers in arms in The USA as well, so watch this space for something coming up from that too.

In the meantime please keep sharing us on social media and sharing our blog posts because we are massively grateful for all of you that have done this so far and that continue to do it. Thats how we are able to reach more people that need us.

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