Immediate Care Practitioner Course

Many people experience a mental health crisis at some point in their life, and for all sorts of reasons. How would you handle someone experiencing a mental health crisis in your family, at work or in public? Would you know what to do? This Accredited Immediate Care Practitioner course, lasting 3 days, is specially designed for you to be able to learn, integrate and apply these simple and powerful techniques immediately in your life.

Why attend this course with us?

This course is of particular use for mental health professionals, psychological therapists, managers, educators, healthcare professionals, and anyone who is responsible for others welfare as part of their job. This course provides simple and highly effective tools to help you manage someone in a mental health crisis and bring them back to a balanced state of mind.

  • We can help you apply the theory to day-to-day situations in business/the workplace, sport, healthcare so that you achieve quick results for someone in a mental health crisis.
  • Because you’ll be achieving a recognised training course meeting the highest standards.
  • You will get hands on experience of these powerful techniques so that you can feel
    confident to use them immediately after the course.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction, or a full refund.

Why attend this course with us?

For each segment, once the necessary theory has been covered, you will be able to:

  • See demonstrations
  • ask questions
  • do practical exercises
  • be sure of your new learnings and how to apply them
  • Final day assessment plus 3 case studies to be submitted within 3 months of course to receive certificates
  • Online course cost £350 incl manual, assessment and certification

What will we cover?

  • What is a mental health crisis
  • The background and underlying principles of the techniques and how to apply them in your life
  • Learn the 4 stage process behind this course
  • How to build rapport and trust instantly
  • How to recognise and adapt to the different ways people process and express information, and hence improve how you communicate
  • How to reduce anxiety and panic
  • How to feel at your best instantly, in order to effectively handle a mental health crisis
  • Gaining greater insight and understanding of another’s point of view, in all relationships
  • Reframing
  • Language patterns
  • Disrupt negative thinking patterns
  • Alter brain frequency to change state
  • Anchoring

What you will gain from this course?

Everyone is susceptible to mental and emotional overload and overwhelm and the potential to go through a mental health crisis is there for us all. We have taught this course to people around the world who are using these skills to achieve great success in the workplace, at home and in life in general. Imagine how your life would become if you stayed on your current path, compared to how your life will be when you:

• Have the confidence to help someone experiencing a mental health crisis
• Improve your own mental health through learning these techniques
• Teach other people how to use these techniques

Course Outline

Stage 1: Crisis Intervention - flashbacks, neurosis etc
• Rapport and reassure, grounding and refocus, assist person to somewhere private to treat

Stage 2: Change Though Pattern
• Pre-frame mind games, disrupt current thought pattern, create options. Repeat for as many rounds as required

Stage 3: Change Brain frequency, Flow State, Whole Brain State
• Demonstrate technique, explain process, lead through technique, lead client into state of mental and physical calm and relaxation. Basic anchor

Stage 4: Anchoring
• Develop basic anchor into a powerful resource anchor linked to a simple physical action

Your Trainers - Simon Maryan & David Bellamy

Simon and David are veterans from different eras yet with very similar experiences. They have both experienced combat trauma and dealt with their own mental health issues as a result of these experiences. They are both now trained as psychological therapists with Psychology, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistics amongst other therapeutic methodologies.

They founded Icarus Online in 2017 to provide serving, veterans and emergency service personnel with instant access to high quality mental health treatment, and now train others in their unique and highly effective methods, that have been tried and tested over the last 10 years with serving personnel and veterans from not just the UK but also the USA, Australia, Scandinavia and Europe.

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