Important Update – Change in Operating Number

As a new organisation, and being a not-for-profit we have to monitor our operating costs very closely in order to keep them as low as possible and maximise the availability of funds to enable us to provide our services to as many people as possible.

Over the last few months we have monitored the ways that people engage with us and this is predominantly through our website and our social media as well as referalls directly to our therapists. This has meant that our free phone line has not been utilised and as such means we are paying for somethig that is not being used and for us this is a waste of resources that can be better used elsewhere. W ehave been busier in the last 2 weeks than at any point so far, which is a double edged sword because it’s fantastic that people are trusting to help them which is great, however it also shows to us that there ar eso many people out there who need our help. We have had a dozen new clients in the last 12-14 days and this is just the beginning still, we have a long road ahead and really need the support of everyone to help us achieve our aim. We have three grant applications being processed, and that takes time so in the meantime we are really relying on donations to keep is going, so please share our donation page and ask your family, friends and work colleagues to support us with a small doantion, if we can get lots of people making a small donation it will soon add up and really make a difference for us.

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So after much deliberation, we have decided to get rid of the free phone line and replace our operating line with a mobile number, as this is the most cost effective system for our needs right now. We will be keeping a close eye on all of our operaitng costs to ensure that we maintain as streamlined an operation as possible at all times.

Our new operating phone line is now +44 7849 709068

Keeping to our promise of ensuring that the donations and sponsorship money that we receive goes to treating those that need it is as important to us as it is you, which is why we are confident that you understand our decision today and will support us in this making this change.

We may well re-introduce a free phone line in the future, but for now it is draining money unnecessarily from the treatment fund and that is not good practice as far as we are concerned.

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