Simon Maryan

Simon Maryan


Simon Maryan is a former Royal Marine and Human Intelligence specialist. He is now an internationally recognised psychological therapist, coach, trainer, author and speaker, specialising in Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress, behavioural change and mental strength in high pressure environments.
Simon is a published author in the fields of health, wellness and psychology and delivers training courses based on his work.

Simon is Co-founder of ICARUS Online, along with his friend and colleague David Bellamy.

ICARUS Online is an innovative and unique online treatment service for serving military and veterans who are struggling with their mental health.


  • He has designed, led, coached and trained personnel for large multi-national corporations worldwide, delivering bespoke behavioural change programmes and has consulted globally for thousands of individuals and teams.
  • Worked in extreme environments and conditions for over 20 years providing coaching, training and consulting in the military, public and private sectors.
  • Provided leadership coaching and training for C. level executives and leaders
  • Facilitated an innovative pilot drug and alcohol addiction programme in Scotland
  • Trained hundreds of individuals in becoming Behavioural coaches
  • Worked with various military charities in the UK and The Royal Marines and Royal Marines Reserves providing treatment and training in dealing with trauma and PTSD
  • Consistently enabled students and trainees to achieve fast and effective state choice in any context
  • Provided Kidnap and Ransom training and negotiation services

Significant Projects

  • Coached and trained British Embassy staff in Baghdad and Basra delivering behavioural coaching and mental strength in operating in hostile environments.
  • Consulted, designed and delivered a recovery program for PGS Nigeria, Global Industries, Amor Group in post incident recovery for violent incidents such as kidnap, shootings etc
  • Facilitated the pilot for an innovative drug and alcohol addiction recovery programme in Scotland. This was based around a holistic, flexible, client driven approach and helped clients re-programme past trauma that lead to the addiction.
  • Designed and built an online course designed to teach people mental strength, resilience and the necessary skills to change their mindset, thought patterns, beliefs and behaviours in order to change their lives.


British Psychological Society

Behavioural Coaching Institute
Association for NLP
American Psychological Association
General Hypnotherapy Register
General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
CNHC (Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council)


Hypnosis Trainer
Behavioural Coach Trainer
Teacher/Trainer of NLP
Master Mentalist