Urgent Request for Financial Support for a Royal Marine Veteran.

Icarus has recently partnered with Help a Squaddie, who do some amazing work helping veterans, please check them out https://helpasquaddie.org.uk

We are currently heling them with a former Royal Marine LCpl who is in an extremley poor state of health both mentally and physically, who was quite literally on the verge of dying yesterday. His mental condition has not been helped by the NHS or some of the large military charities who have said he is too complex and pass him back to the NHS. They in turn keep saying he has “capacity”. This situation has reached crisis point and he needs an urgent admission to a detox centre and long term rehab both physical and psychological. Icarus is going to take care of the psychological b ut he needs to go into a detox clinic next week and this is where our request for help lies.

The detox clinic costs £10.5k and sadly neither Icarus nor Help a Squaddie have that spare to utilise otherwise we would. We are hoping to raise this through donations from our collective supporters and with those that they share this with.

Help a Squaddie have given us their bank details for people to make donations so that nothing is lost in processing fees, so please, help us to raise this money and keep this guy alive for his daughter.

Bank details are:

Natwest Bank
Help a Squaddie
Sort code: 54-41-02
Account: 43659659

This is a very serious and very urgent request and any financial assisstance you can provide is hugely appreciated.

Please share this for us and lets get this guy the care he needs.


Icarus and Help a Squaddie

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