Veterans Foundation Awarded £450k to Military Charities

The Veterans Foundation is a fantastic organistaion that supports other charities and individuals through grants and the Veterans Lottery. Among others, Icarus was recently in receipt of another grant from VF in their latest round of funding, for which we are extremely thankfull.

Developing consistent and varied funding is a real challenge, particulalry as a small charity and the Veterans Foundation has been instruemntal in our ability to grow and support as many veterans as we have ove the last 2 years. If you are not already signed up to the Veterans Lottery then we highly recommend that you do and here’s the link:

Signing up to the lottery not only means you are helping to support your fellow veterans, but your also in with the chance of winning some cash for yoiurself as well.


Lastly here is the link to the article on the Veterans Foundation website aboit the latest round of funding.


The Icarus team

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