Wysa – Free Resources for Mental Health During COVID-19 Crisis

We work really hard behind the scenes to find credible, viable resources for you to help with mental health, because we know that there is no one tool fixes everyone. So on that note we wanted to share some free resources from an App developer called Wysa who we have been working with since last year. They got in touch to say that they are providing free Tools for Anxiety and Remote Wellness Packs in their App and also free acess to their Premium Pack for all Frontline Health Workers during this crisis.

So please share the hell out of this post and make sure that as many people as possible can access these free resources ASAP.

They also have a blog post explaining their App and how it is clinically approved. https://blogs.wysa.io/blog/anxiety/covid-19-clinically-approved-apps-for-your-mental-wellbeing

Wysa has created free tool packs for dealing with health anxiety(for those potentially diagnosed) and remote wellness pack(for isolation). This can be accessed from this link: http://bit.ly/Wysa_self_care.
They are also extending premium Wysa to frontline healthcare workers for free during this crisis. The weight of the world is on their shoulders, and we would like to offer some avenues of support.  If you are connected to anyone in this area, please do let them know. They can access it via https://www.wysa.io/healthcare.
Please share far and wide and take care of yourselves.
Be safe, be well.
Thank you.
The Icarus Team

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